Toddler foods/finger foods/everyone foods

Barley and squash "risotto"
Black bean soup
Bread salad, farmer's market
Broccoli with anchovies and basil
Broccoli and cheddar corn bread
Brussels sprout fritters
Butternut squash shakshuka
Carrot flatbread pizza
Carrot hummus
Chicken with poblano peppers, potatoes, and scallions
Chimichurri meatballs
Delicata squash boats
Falafel waffles
Fennel and salami pasta
Gnocchi clam chowder
Guacamole skewers
Green bean galette
Green chili enchiladas
Green tomato gazpacho
Lentil meatballs
Matzo ball chicken soup
Miso fish with edamame and corn succotash
Mole, chicken
Mujadara soup
Pizza rolls
Potato leek quiche
Purple potato patties
Rainbow veggie quiche
Savory cheese waffles
Shrimp and black bean burgers
Shrimp rolls
Smoked salmon, goat cheese, and chive omelet
Spanakopita, turkey and kale
Spinach and artichoke spread
Spinach pasta
Spring veggie baked gnocchi
Sweet potato peanut noodles
Thanksgiving grilled cheese
Turkey dumplings
Turkey nuggets
Turkey and spinach meatloaf
Veggie waffles
White beans and escarole
Zucchini and pea mac 'n cheese

Almond cookies
Apple almond bread
Apples and honey breakfast cookies
Apples and honey french toast
Banana bread doughnuts
Blueberry and beet popsicles
Boneyard Bark
Candy corn popsicles
Candy Sushi
Carrot and cranberry gingerbread cakes
Carrot puree turnovers
Cardamom and pistachio meltaways
Chai spiced sweet potato and orange oatmeal
Chia, cherry, and chocolate cookie bark
Chocolate banana reindeer pops
Cucumber, green apple, green grape gummies
Dole Whip popsicles
Granola cups
Halva hamantaschen
Honey, lemon, ginger spelt muffins
Hot chocolate blender pancakes
Malted chocolate pavlova
Mexican chocolate zucchini muffins
Pumpkin energy bites
Raspberry buckle
Raspberry rhubarb chia jam bars
Rice krispie treat turkey
Stonefruit crumble
Strawberry and cherry granola bars
Strawberry rhubarb gummies
Zucchini and blueberry waffles
Vegan raspberry doughnuts
Watermelon cucumber juice