Cucumber and watermelon juice

I food shopped last weekend as if we aren't moving 2 weeks from today. And we're not moving a few blocks away where we can schlep our leftover mayo in a cooler and voila, have a restocked fridge. We have an overnight in between moving out and moving in and somehow, I don't think the Hampton Inn's mini fridge can accommodate our haul of condiments. Call me crazy.

So, operation clean-out-the-fridge has begun and I completely forgot that I tossed a mini watermelon and a cucumber into my farmer's market bags last week. Before they went bad, I whizzed them up in the blender, added some lime juice for zing, and ran the whole thing through a fine mesh sieve. M was begging to bring it to school in his water bottle, but luckily he drank it all before we left the house, so I didn't have to break his heart by saying no.

One note: If you want to skip the sieving, look for a seedless watermelon and a hothouse or English cucumber for this recipe. Depending on your family's tolerance for pulp, you may also want to peel the cucumber too.

Cucumber and watermelon juice

2 oz cucumber
8 oz watermelon
1 Tbsp lime juice (Juice from 1 large lime)

Combine all ingredients and blend for 1 minute. If desired, pour juice into a fine-mesh sieve and press out liquid into a glass.

Yield: 1 serving (about 1 cup of juice)